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Study on Rev. Moon by Professor of Religious Studies: Prophet, Con-Man, Spy, Cult leader or Messiah

Study on Rev. Moon by Professor of Religious Studies: Prophet, Con-Man, Spy, Cult leader or Messiah
 Study on Rev. Moon by Professor of Religious Studies:           

Prophet, Con-Man, Spy, Cult leader or Messiah
Study on Rev. Moon by Professor of Religious Studies: Prophet, Con-Man, Spy, Cult leader or Messiah

Rev. Moon with his grandson
Rev. Moon is known for his main role in the peaceful ending of the Cold War. He inspired millions to create families of true love beyond the barriers of religion, nationality and race.

"Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s work on behalf of harmony among the world’s great faiths will be among his most lasting achievements", comments Emmanuel Milingo, the Zambian Catholic archbishop

Dr. Harvey Cox, a Protestant Theologian, Harvard Divinity School, wrote about Rev. Moon's work:
  • Here is a movement which manages to combine religious universality, Pentecostal immediacy, a warmly supportive family and a program for allegedly building the kingdom of God on earth. Such a potent admixture cannot be dismissed lightly.
Another Professor of Religious Studies, Mrs. Kae Blancherd, wrote after meeting with a couple matched and blessed by Rev. Moon:
Study on Rev. Moon by Professor of Religious Studies: Prophet, Con-Man, Spy, Cult leader or Messiah

  • Kate Blanchard is Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at Alma College in central Michigan. She is the author of The Protestant Ethic or The Spirit of Capitalism: Christians, Freedom, and Free Markets.

    The couple agreed to come speak to my World Religions students later than year, and on their way out they gave me a copy of Moon’s autobiography, As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen. I opened the book only because I felt obligated, but I quickly found myself engrossed by Moon’s story. Apart from the Korean particulars, it was a biblical-sounding account of poverty, conversion, persecution, imprisonment, miracles, and finally, rise to prominence. (His wife’s path was the “backwards and in high heels” version.)
    As someone whom faith has eluded, I couldn’t help but marvel at his apparently miraculous experiences, and admire his steadfast pursuit of his mission. 
    We generally have two options when encountering other people’s religious stories. Our first is to dismiss them by reducing them to some other factors. Psychology, socioeconomics, biology, or simple intelligence are typical favorites among nonbelievers; e.g., Moon was a crazy or a crook who took advantage of stupid, poor, or otherwise vulnerable people. Believers, on the other hand, prefer to reduce their opponents by way of idolatry, sin, or deception by demonic forces. Perhaps even more than secular observers, members of traditional religions with conveniently invisible prophets and messiahs may be especially tempted toward smugness upon Moon’s death. It is not simply that he died (which all previous prophets and messiahs have also done); it’s that he had the bad grace not to be martyred and to live a very long time. Moreover, he hasn’t until now existed in the distant past; on the contrary, he lived in the information age, such that we simply know too much about him to allow for any mystery. 
    Moon did not invent arranged marriages (and) every new religion faces critique from older religions; and many social scientists now admit that any distinction between “cult-like techniques” like so-called mind-control, “coercive persuasion,” and other more “normal” sorts of education or socialization, is in the eye of the beholder. In short, the Unification Church’s beginnings are not particularly radical when compared to other religions’ beginnings. So while it is certainly convenient (and mentally satisfying) to ridicule and dismiss, it also prematurely shuts down any meaningful reflection or conversation between different worldviews.
    Our other choice—and, I think, a better choice—is to accept, even respect, others’ experiences as their experiences, even if they don’t make sense in our own world.
    It simply means that I must take Moon seriously, as if he were, well, an actual human being who tried to pursue happiness and avoid suffering...

    Historically, all prophets worth their salt say things that are offensive to a majority of folks in their communities—otherwise they’re not “prophetic.” Jesus is reported to have said that “no prophet is accepted in his hometown.” Perhaps it is also true that no prophet is accepted in his own time.
Study on Rev. Moon by Professor of Religious Studies: Prophet, Con-Man, Spy, Cult leader or Messiah
As Rev. Moon's son wrote after his ascension to the spirit world; We have barely glimpsed the course Rev. Moon passed through as Heaven raised him as a model family with God as it's center. Rev. Moon soldered the weighty cross of the 6 thousand year providence of restoration trying to realize God's ideal:

- to build harmony and unity among the religions;
- to reunite North and South Korea;
- to create and sponsor many organizations and ventures for world peace;
- to educate millions of blessed families to find the way to true love.

Rev. Moon is teaching.. get to know his great heart and vision

For those who could sense his heart, Rev. Moon was a wellspring of the expression of God's Will and a Heart. Weather it was day or night he slept little as he walked the path of loving others. Rev. Moon went to the brink of death several times yet he never stopped his sacrificial investment to achieve his God given mission.

I therefore celebrate the life of Messiah who lived his entire life of 92 yrs fulfilling the Heavenly mandate of world peace. "The hope of all ages is a unified world of peace

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Professor Cromwell Crawford
Professor of Religion, University of Hawaii, US

Rev. Moon is one of these select multi-cultural individuals. It is now well-known that for the past 20 years or so he has been performing international marriages. Thousands of individuals of every race, culture and nation have been united by him in holy matrimony. The full impact of these crossover marriages will be fully felt in offspring of the second and third generations. Already the bonding of individuals who, otherwise, would have perpetuated traditional divisions, has produced profound changes, because the foundations of love and peace have been laid on the most basic foundation of society, namely, the family.

I have personally witnessed three of these international ceremonies, and though they have been described in the media as ‘mass marriages,’ I have found the exchange of vows to be uncommonly elevated by the element of the miraculous, because, if it were not for the Blessing of one man, they would surely not be husband and wife together. Each one of these couplings is a mediated marriage. While other leaders talk of “family values,” Rev. Moon creates them.

Anonymous said...

For me as a moonwatcher since the early seventies, it is difficult to grasp that many compliments on the life and philosophy of a self-proclaimed messiah, who could not even speak english properly in his meetings with scholars and heads of state. Besides, his lectures on the spirit world cannot be taken serious by religious observers or by people who have not been brought under the influence of this mindblogging cult. To learn how members of the True Family have behaved in their struggle for power in their father's empire, how so many blessed couples have left the movement, it does not leave much to be proud of. It is time these cult apologists start to think what is so peaceful about labeling every opponent as agents of satan and communism, trying to topple socialist rulers in third world countries like Nicaragua and Guatemala in line with policies of secret societies and agencies.

March 27, 2013 at 8:56 AM
goscott4 said...

Quickly, Rev. Moon's church is based on Revelation 19, as he proclaims himself and his wife the True Parents of all mankind.

Divine Principle throws out all other chapters in the Book Of Revelation putting entire End Time Prophecy on what happens within his dispensation as The Lord Of The Second Advent.

Logically, anyone who has their eyes open has to perceive this as inaccurate based on current events.

It's a nice idea to try to save the world, but most church members have no idea how the world really works!

I just found out that In Jin Moon had a bastard child while she was married.

My personal experience is that the church works the same way US political scandals play out. A pol in a scandal will just wait until time advances far enough so that most people will for get or never learn about their past, or just cover it up. Same with UC, I never heard them say sorry for any wrong doing.

One thing for sure, we will ALL answer to GOD HIMSELF and give account of our lives...regardless of how little REV 21:8 applies to members of the Unification Church~ REV 18

November 17, 2013 at 1:42 PM
Anonymous said...

Rev. Moon developed the ideology of Pikareun during the early years of his preaching in Korea at age 26. He believed women had to be purified from original sin in paradise when Eva supposedly committed adultery with Satan,disguised as a snake. According to the author of 'The Tragedy of the Six Marys', Moon selected married women to have sexual intercourse with him and they in turn were ordered to perform the Return Ritual with other men. He was arrested several times in both parts of the country before and after the war. When the war was over in 1954, he founded the UC and preached in stadiums that communism should be eradicated from the face of the earth. After the coup d'etat in 1960,one of the coup leaders, General Kim Jong Pil recruited Moon to represent his country in America as a secret agent of the KCIA, that was founded in 1960 by KJP who not only became the director of the agency but also the PM of SK. There was no freedom during the regime of dictator Park for almost 20 years.
He was finally killed by the Chief of Intelligence at the time.
Mr.Moon said many times that he hated democracy because it was 'Satan's Harvest'. That is why he supported every dictator in Latin America in line with US government policy and its criminal agency, the CIA during the 1980's. In Bolivia, during the so-called Cocain Coup of 1980, he supported and financed the generals who were deeply involved in the transport of drugs to America. The same was true about the Contra guerilla's during the War against the socialist regime of General Daniel Ortega. After the so-called Victory over Communism in the Soviet Union, an historical meeting took place in Moscow between Moon and Gorbachev,the cold war was over so Moon transformed himself into a virtual Peace King, inviting former heads of state to attend his Summits on World Peace in Seoul. Sadly enough, his eldest son became addicted to alcohol and cocaine during his marriage with Nansook Hong and his parents could not handle him. He became a violent husband, slapping his wife during her pregnancy, who finally managed to escape the dysfunctional family with her five children in 1995. Three years later she published the story of her life in the shadow of the moons, and saying that True Father was a fraudulent and wicked individual, not exactly a man of God.

October 26, 2019 at 5:48 PM
Pleasanton Blinds said...

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July 18, 2022 at 12:14 AM

Who is Rev. Moon: What his Fruits and Famous People Say

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