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Will Rev. Moon Bring Peace: Vision 2020

Will Rev. Moon Bring Lasting Peace

Non of the world's economic systems (Socialism, Communism, Fashism or the free enterprise system), have eliminated the problems of elitism, nationalism, racism and scarcity. War represents the supreme failure of nations to resolve their differences.

We should train people to become problem solvers; how to get along with other nations, how to create better family and be better parents. This is precisely the maproad Rev. Sun Myung Moon pionered. He sponsored and initiated thousands of organizations and projects to bridge the difference.

The man who ended Communism is now dedicated to unite the efforts of religions, scientists, politicians and governments and bring a World of lasting Peace and Prosperity. Read..

Today world renown leaders recognize Dr. Moon's contribution to peace. Despite the immense persecution he succeeded to bring along together leaders from all nations, races, religions and cultures. He created the structure and the foundation to educate all the levels of the society in the Culture of Peace - a Culture of Heart.

Real world peace must be built on the basis of values that transcend the perspective of an individual or group. Jaja Moon [Rev. Moon] appeals to all humans to pursue peace at all costs under God and proceed to guide their societies to genuine peace.
Dr. A.B.T Byaruhanga-Akiiki.
Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda

A world of abundance for all

Today we have highly advanced technologies, but our social and economic system has not kept up with our technological capabilities, which can otherwise easily create a world of abundance for all, free of servitude and depth. Earth has more than enough resources to meet the needs of all people. But only if we make revolution in our hearts and consciousness. This is precisely what Dr. and Mrs. Moon are doing as True Parents of humanity.

  2018 - Hyo Jeong Cheon Won Project Model for World Peace

Amazing community is forming around Ceong Pyong Lake's Peace Palace in South Korea. You see a new pure, happy and creative culture rising among the thousands of second gen. children living and studying there. And this is only a glimpse into what's coming in the near future, when big communities of few generations start appearing everywhere around the world. Read more...

One Family Under God

Rev. and Mrs. Moon are proposing a revitalized, renewed United Nations with more than 50,000 diplomats, clergy, and civic leaders, current and former heads of state appointed as Ambassadors for Peace. Among the programs of the UPF are the leadership conferences and the Middle East Peace Initiative. UPF promotes the UN's Millennium Development Goals and is fighting against the spread of AIDS. It encourages youth to work for peace through community service. Rev. and Mrs. Moon's lifelong goal is "One Family Under God."

"We will consequently establish a world based on the unified culture of heart.. a world without war or conflict.. God’s Kingdom on earth and in heaven will be realized." Sun Myung Moon, CSG p. 1534

  MBCNET Senegal Peace Declaration for a New Africa

At the moment there are around 50 chosen nations. 13 of them are selected as special - since the education of their citizens is going with great speed. In those nations rural areas are already with 80 to 100 % Blessed families. It spreads like fire. Read...

Education in the Culture of Heart

Much of success and fulfillment in life depends on creating healthy relationships, yet it is one of the most difficult tasks. Through the marriage and family movement, many educational programs and approaches have been developed to give people knowledge and skills for creating successful relationships.

"We say that our family pledges to build a world based on the culture of heart. This is our ideal...  The  culture of heart means living everyday life as  an  expression  of  the  principle  of  living for the sake of others with true love. The world based on the culture of heart refers to the one great enclosure embracing everything – that is, the tribe of the realm of the heart."  Sun Myung Moon, 1994.5.2
See UPF's Statement on Families and The Family as the School of Love and Peace, a PowerPoint presentation developed for UPF's International Leadership Conferences: English | Español | Français | Português | Italiano

Youth Relationship Education:
Many youth fall into bad relationships because they have little knowledge or self-awareness and poor relationship skills. The lives and future of our youth can be improved by teaching good decision-making, the nature of healthy relationships, how to avoid destructive relationships and make smart choices about sex, and preparation for lasting loving marriages.

Parenting Education:
Parenting is such a critical responsibility and yet there is almost no instruction as to how to do it well. Parents and children enjoy healthier and happier relationships when parents learn more effective discipline approaches and communication skills.

Marriage and Relationship Education:
Never before has marriage been less supported by social, moral, religious, and cultural scaffolding. With changing gender roles and loosening of traditional values, couples face more challenges than ever before. Studies have shown that couples that learn realistic expectations, gender differences, problem-solving and communication skills have happier and longer lasting relationships. Conflicted couples that had lost all hope often learn how to rebuild a thriving marriage through this new information. Marriage education helps people build strong marriages, strengthen the parenting unit, and make the most important relationships truly fulfilling. 

By the year 2020 we are dedicated to establish at list few nations build based on the Culture of Heart. Number of nations already taken by the inspiration to educate their citizens in the Culture of Love through establishing Families of True Love. See, The Blessing Overcomes Historic Boundaries

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