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Nostradamus and Vanga Predict About Moon

Nostradamus 1012, Prophecies of Nostradamus, Vanga, Baba Vanga, Rev.Moon

Nostradamus Prophesied About Rev. Moon as the Messiah

Nostradamus used directly the name "Moon" to depict the new Messianic figure coming to bring lasting Peace in our age. The Bulgarian prophetess, Baba Vanga talked about his peace activities and called him the Peacemaker, The Lord of the Second Advent

This article was published in popular spiritual Web-Page - written by processional journalist, not affiliated with Rev. Moon and the Unification Church. He summarized the prophecies of Nostradamus in comparison with the Bulgarian prophetess Vanga - both depicting Moon as the Messiah to bring lasting peace.
Prophecies of Nostradamus, Vanga, Baba Vanga, Bulgarian prophetess, Nostradamus the Millennium,
Baba Vanga predicted, "RELIGIONS WILL UNITE"
Nostradamus: "Moon" - the new Messianic figure
Vanga (the most popular Bulgarian Prophetes) and Nostradamus have some similar prophecies for our time. Both prominent prophets speak of the possibility to choose either the path of world war and destruction, or the path of peace and prosperity. Take a look on what depends the future direction according to their predictions.

Prophecies of Nostradamus, Vanga, Baba Vanga, Bulgarian prophetess, Nostradamus the Millennium,
When it comes to predictions, the best known is Nostradamus. He has made many accurate prophecies. At his late 40's, Nostradamus began to receive visions of the future and to record them. He fashioned the document as a quatrain in Latin, French and Greek. He called it "ages" and published it in 1558. Nostradamus predicted both world wars and 18 quatrains which he wrote as prophecies were related to the Third World War. Nostradamus wrote in total 950 quatrains. In 60 of them Nostradamus desribes our time associated with the apearance of the Messianic figure.

Unification Church mass wedding blessing in South Korea
The Messianic figure connected with the name "Moon" will bless the families wherever he goes, according to Nostradamus.
In his predictions we find about 40 signs by which to identify this man: A new religious leader - carrier of a new truth for our time. Nostradamus also conveys the view that his prophecies are intended to awake us and avoid destruction which could obliterate big part of humanity. According to Nostradamus the Third World War will not destroy humanity if it makes the necessary changes. Most likely this is connected with following the directions of that person - The Peacemaker, which in the words of the prophet is a religious leader, born in the Oriental East, carrying the New Truth that unites religions against the Communism. His name is linked with the word "Moon", which in Korean means "God's Word" (The Word given by God to men).

Other typical signs according to Nostradamus' He will suffer great persecution and misunderstanding; He will be repeatedly thrown in jail; He will fly and travel a lot, but wherever he goes he will bless the families. Until 1991 the world will have heard about him, but people are not going to believe, Nostradamus predicts. Finally, our attitude will determine what will follow; a bright future or destructive World War III.
Prophecies of Nostradamus, Vanga, Baba Vanga, Bulgarian prophetess, Nostradamus the Millennium,

Prominent Bulgarian prophetess, Baba Vanga predicted that "Oil will stop and you will discover a new kind of energy," Trains will fly, powered by the sun, "and people will travel huge distances at a very fast speeds. "In 2018 the trains will run on rails, coming from the sun. Oil will stop and the earth will rest." She talks of discovering a new type of energy cumming from the Sun or that the projects would be powered by the Sun could mean - Sun Myung Moon. In fact he is the one who financed and promoted a project for building a World Highway with super fast trains, which exactly corresponds to her prophecies.

The Project for World Highway and super speed trains already is a reality. Trains on magnetic suspension in vacuum tunnels will reach incredible speeds.

Read: Peace Projects and the World Highway

The year 2012, is the key, in Vanga's words, for humanity to accept the new Messianic figure - "the man who came to sign the eternal peace. " Otherwise, disasters will ensue and a terrible destructive war. According to the prophecies of Vanga, the world will begin to change towards peace in 2000, but real change in this direction will become apparent after 2012. According to the Inca's calendar, December 21, 2012 is the End of the World. Whether this will be destruction of the evil or the beginning of a new history of peace, love and harmony for humanity depends on us. Vanga predicted that by 2050 we will see an incredible technical development and prosperity, which will certainly be the outcome of the peace and the unification of religions, which this Messianic figure will bring.

Other Prophecies
According to Korean Prophesies (1000 years old): From the beginning of the twenty-first century, trends of thinking throughout the world will drastically change. Many natural calamities are going to change the world. Yet, the real change will happen in the conscience and spirituality of humanity through the guidance of the true man - Messianic figure born in Korea, from the clan of Moon. Read...
"He will come and unify the world (2000 to 2025)... he will accomplish the will of God"... "He will suffer and shed tears of blood... and reach out to the four corners of the world. He will unite Confucianism, Buddhism and Christianity"... "People blinded by gold, it would be difficult to renounce temptations. Look for a secret message in South Korea - it is all hidden, "but" stupid people can not find it."

The Bible also foretells the birth of Messianic person who will change the world. The Messiah at the Second Advent will be born in the East. Jesus will personally give him the mission to save the world. Yet, He will be first rejected and persecuted by this generation. Read...

Spiritual Drawings received through revelations also depict Rev. Moon as the Messiah for the Buddhist world. Following an illumination experience with God, Nanette gradually developed gifts of the Spirit (clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience). Nanettle Crist Johnson through her spiritual vision received how the Messiah looks like. She has no connection with the Unification Church. She saw spiritually the coming Buddha who will teach humanity by True Love in the family and will open the way for the Golden Age. Read...

Jesus also send a spiritual message from the spirit world concerning Rev. Moon. Jesus called all Christians to unite and follow the Lord of the Second Advent - Rev. Sun Myung Moon. In Jesus' words, "Reverend Sun Myung Moon is the master of this era because he is the Messiah of the Second Coming." In these spiritual messages not only Jesus Christ, but also Buddha, Mohammad, Confucius and many others are communicating the same declaration from the spiritual world, "Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon & his wife, Dr. Hak Ja Moon are working under the authority of God to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth." Reed...

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It must be noted that this prophecy could possibly point to the founder of the Unification Church, Sun Myung Moon, who is today considered by millions to be the Messiah...

Nostradamus Prophesied About Moon. Nostradamus used directly the name "Moon"... In reading it I was astounded at the fulfillment of prophecies of Nostradamus that he gave about the Peacemaker born in the East, who will be unifying the religions against Communism, and will bless families wherever he goes. How more obvious can you get than Reverend Moon?

Rev. Moon spoke of making the Bering Strait tunnel connected to bring peace between countries.Rev. Moon tells us about the Era of Kingdom of Heaven starts Jan 13, 2013. If we follow and learn from his teachings we might be able to enjoy that 1000 years reign of peace as Nostradamus predicted.

If you read these essays about his work, by many famous world leaders, you'll find that Rev. Moon undoubtedly must be the predicted Messiah.


Who is Rev. Moon: What his Fruits and Famous People Say

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