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God and Freedom: Clergy honor Rev. Moon liberation from Danbury 1985

Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Rev. Moon, Moon Sun Myung, Revolution of Heart,
"God and Freedom Banquet"
Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Rev. Moon, Moon Sun Myung, Revolution of Heart,
August 29th 1985 liberation from Danbury. Clergy honor Rev. Moon's liberation from Danbury

Press conference, and gathering of over 1,000 clergy to honor Rev. Sun Myung Moon on his release as a champion of religious freedom. This is a turning point in Rev. Moon's work for "Uniting Religions against the Red Communism," which Nostradamus predicted, about the New Religious Leader, called "Moon", who is to bring lasting Peace and fulfill the Messianic prophecies about our age. 

This video of the God and Freedom Banquet as True Father left the Halfway House also includes the Press Conference with Jerry Fallwell, Joseph Lowery, and Don Sills.

World Future: The Culture of Heart
Moon: The most successful religion

 "Refreshing video about True Father's freedom banquet. It is so overwhelmingly inspiring and full of pride." Ali Mahjoub

Rev. Moon1983: Investigation and Indictment by the United States Government

Under strong pressure from a few politicians who saw an easy way to gain favor with voters, the United States government launched an attack, violating many laws to put this new religious leader in prison.

He was charged with evading income taxes in
1981. The total amount of supposed taxes was around $7000. It's illegal to charge for such a small amount. Not to speak, these are not taxable - church money. The real purpose, however, was to spur Reverend Moon to leave America. All US clergy can this way be illegally accused.

"It must be God's will that I go to prison. There must be a providential reason why I must go this way," was his statement. Imprisonment was not new to Reverend Moon: He already had endured unjust imprisonment in communist North Korea, South Korea and Japan during World War II.

1984: Top Religious Leaders protest to this Violation of Religious Freedom 

Religious Freedom
Protests were being made all around the nation over the injustice Reverend Moon was suffering as a result of religious persecution.

Christian leaders who never knew him began to realize that the government had made a serious assault on religious freedom.

Christians, including the National Council of Churches headed by Rev. Dean Kelley and non-religious groups representing more than 160 million Americans, came to his legal defense.

1984: US Senate Subcommittee Report on Rev. Moon’s Case “Injustice rather than justice has been served"

A US Senate Subcommittee published the following report on Reverend Moon's conviction:

“We accused a newcomer.. for conduct commonly engaged in by a large percentage of our own religious leaders, namely, the holding of church funds in bank accounts in their own names. Catholic priests do it. Baptist ministers do it, and so did Sun Myung Moon… 

"I do feel strongly, after my subcommittee has carefully and objectively reviewed this [Reverend Moon's tax] case from both sides, that injustice rather than justice has been served.” 

1984-85: Unjust Prison Life in US

Rev. Moon with Rev. Kamiyama
in Danbury Federal Prison

Without bitterness, Reverend Moon served time in Danbury Federal Prison. He quickly won the respect of fellow inmates for his humble and friendly ways.

On August 20, 1985, Reverend Moon was freed after completing thirteen months of incarceration. Upon his release, major Christian and civil rights leaders, including Reverend Jerry Falwell of the Moral Majority and Reverend Joseph Lowery of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, held a press conference decrying the persecution and imprisonment of Reverend Moon and to welcome him back.

1984: The Washington Times' Role in Ending Communism

In 1984, during his Danbury imprisonment, Reverend Moon founded the The Washington Times, which became the second largest daily newspaper in America’s capital. The Washington Times was founded by Rev. Moon and played main role in the peaceful fall of communism.

Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Rev. Moon, Moon Sun Myung, Revolution of Heart,
Dream of Peace: Gandi, M.L.King, Jr. and Dr. Moon
Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Rev. Moon, Moon Sun Myung, Revolution of Heart,
Rev. Moon's Role in the Fall of Communism
Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Rev. Moon, Moon Sun Myung, Revolution of Heart, 
Sun Myung Moon: Revolution of Heart
 Revolution of Conscience. Sun Myung Moon: Revolution of Heart. The man who ended Communism is now dedicated to unite the efforts of all religions, all conscientious people for bringing world peace...

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President of Peru about Sun Myung Moon's work

H.E. Francisco Morales Bermudez

President, Peru (1975-80)
The great Irish author George Bernard Shaw once wrote: "Some men see things as they are and say: ‘Why?’ But I dream of things that never existed and say: ‘Why not?’" Shaw’s words seem to describe the life and the attitude of Rev. Sun Myung Moon.
Twenty years ago, who would have imagined that a clergyman from Korea would fulfill a key role in the foundation of an important American newspaper, The Washington Times? Who could have foreseen that he would develop a network of newspapers in Spanish in the United States and in Latin America? That he propose a world system of highways, including a 100km tunnel between Japan and Korea?
Who would have guessed that the same person would congregate Nobel Prize winners and other scientists at annual meetings for the purpose of discussing the moral implications of modern science and technology? And likewise, who would have foreseen that a Korean gentleman would sponsor an international congress for world religions to discuss the ways to increase interreligious cooperation?
For years Rev. Moon was misunderstood in the United States of America, but in recent times a deep change has taken place. One out of seven American legislators has attended the American Leadership Conferences sponsored by him. Thousands of Christian ministers participated in these programs. Leaders of the U.S. Senate, Congress and White House have all praised his work.
Those who know him personally note that he is a devoted person, one of great understanding. His wife, Hak Ja Han, and his children and grandchildren also reflect that quality, as well as a deep sense of commitment to God, the Father of all mankind. Throughout his life, Rev. Moon has been a conciliator, a unifier and a pacifier.
He has opened dialogue between Arabs and Jews, between black Africans and white Africans, between the East and the West. To him, peace is not merely a military or diplomatic matter. Without a genuine understanding and a prospect of acceptance of mutual values, treaties have little meaning. Rev. Moon’s life is evidence of his belief that only through devoted love shall we see the day when "nations will cease to raise the sword against other nations" and men "will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks."

Originally published in the book Peace King: Essays on the life and work of Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon


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Study on Rev. Moon by Professor of Religious Studies: Prophet, Con-Man, Spy, Cult leader or Messiah

Study on Rev. Moon by Professor of Religious Studies: Prophet, Con-Man, Spy, Cult leader or Messiah
 Study on Rev. Moon by Professor of Religious Studies:           

Prophet, Con-Man, Spy, Cult leader or Messiah
Study on Rev. Moon by Professor of Religious Studies: Prophet, Con-Man, Spy, Cult leader or Messiah

Rev. Moon with his grandson
Rev. Moon is known for his main role in the peaceful ending of the Cold War. He inspired millions to create families of true love beyond the barriers of religion, nationality and race.

"Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s work on behalf of harmony among the world’s great faiths will be among his most lasting achievements", comments Emmanuel Milingo, the Zambian Catholic archbishop

Dr. Harvey Cox, a Protestant Theologian, Harvard Divinity School, wrote about Rev. Moon's work:
  • Here is a movement which manages to combine religious universality, Pentecostal immediacy, a warmly supportive family and a program for allegedly building the kingdom of God on earth. Such a potent admixture cannot be dismissed lightly.
Another Professor of Religious Studies, Mrs. Kae Blancherd, wrote after meeting with a couple matched and blessed by Rev. Moon:
Study on Rev. Moon by Professor of Religious Studies: Prophet, Con-Man, Spy, Cult leader or Messiah

  • Kate Blanchard is Assistant Professor of Religious Studies at Alma College in central Michigan. She is the author of The Protestant Ethic or The Spirit of Capitalism: Christians, Freedom, and Free Markets.

    The couple agreed to come speak to my World Religions students later than year, and on their way out they gave me a copy of Moon’s autobiography, As a Peace-Loving Global Citizen. I opened the book only because I felt obligated, but I quickly found myself engrossed by Moon’s story. Apart from the Korean particulars, it was a biblical-sounding account of poverty, conversion, persecution, imprisonment, miracles, and finally, rise to prominence. (His wife’s path was the “backwards and in high heels” version.)
    As someone whom faith has eluded, I couldn’t help but marvel at his apparently miraculous experiences, and admire his steadfast pursuit of his mission. 
    We generally have two options when encountering other people’s religious stories. Our first is to dismiss them by reducing them to some other factors. Psychology, socioeconomics, biology, or simple intelligence are typical favorites among nonbelievers; e.g., Moon was a crazy or a crook who took advantage of stupid, poor, or otherwise vulnerable people. Believers, on the other hand, prefer to reduce their opponents by way of idolatry, sin, or deception by demonic forces. Perhaps even more than secular observers, members of traditional religions with conveniently invisible prophets and messiahs may be especially tempted toward smugness upon Moon’s death. It is not simply that he died (which all previous prophets and messiahs have also done); it’s that he had the bad grace not to be martyred and to live a very long time. Moreover, he hasn’t until now existed in the distant past; on the contrary, he lived in the information age, such that we simply know too much about him to allow for any mystery. 
    Moon did not invent arranged marriages (and) every new religion faces critique from older religions; and many social scientists now admit that any distinction between “cult-like techniques” like so-called mind-control, “coercive persuasion,” and other more “normal” sorts of education or socialization, is in the eye of the beholder. In short, the Unification Church’s beginnings are not particularly radical when compared to other religions’ beginnings. So while it is certainly convenient (and mentally satisfying) to ridicule and dismiss, it also prematurely shuts down any meaningful reflection or conversation between different worldviews.
    Our other choice—and, I think, a better choice—is to accept, even respect, others’ experiences as their experiences, even if they don’t make sense in our own world.
    It simply means that I must take Moon seriously, as if he were, well, an actual human being who tried to pursue happiness and avoid suffering...

    Historically, all prophets worth their salt say things that are offensive to a majority of folks in their communities—otherwise they’re not “prophetic.” Jesus is reported to have said that “no prophet is accepted in his hometown.” Perhaps it is also true that no prophet is accepted in his own time.
Study on Rev. Moon by Professor of Religious Studies: Prophet, Con-Man, Spy, Cult leader or Messiah
As Rev. Moon's son wrote after his ascension to the spirit world; We have barely glimpsed the course Rev. Moon passed through as Heaven raised him as a model family with God as it's center. Rev. Moon soldered the weighty cross of the 6 thousand year providence of restoration trying to realize God's ideal:

- to build harmony and unity among the religions;
- to reunite North and South Korea;
- to create and sponsor many organizations and ventures for world peace;
- to educate millions of blessed families to find the way to true love.

Rev. Moon is teaching.. get to know his great heart and vision

For those who could sense his heart, Rev. Moon was a wellspring of the expression of God's Will and a Heart. Weather it was day or night he slept little as he walked the path of loving others. Rev. Moon went to the brink of death several times yet he never stopped his sacrificial investment to achieve his God given mission.

I therefore celebrate the life of Messiah who lived his entire life of 92 yrs fulfilling the Heavenly mandate of world peace. "The hope of all ages is a unified world of peace

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Archbishop Milingo: Rev. Moon’s legacy is in religious unity

Archbishop Milingo: Rev. Moon Sun Myung Moon Milingo Archbishop Wedding Moon
Archbishop Milingo: 
Rev. Moon’s legacy is in religious unity

GAPYEONG, South Korea — Unification Church founder Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s work on behalf of harmony among the world’s great faiths will be among his most lasting achievements, Emmanuel Milingo, the Zambian Catholic archbishop said in an interview Thursday.

The Catholic archbishop, Milingo, was asked directly by Jesus in a spiritual message to take a wife in a ceremony presided over by Rev. Moon in 2001.

Rev. Moon Helped to Make Me a Better Human Being 
Rev. Moon's Key Role in the Collapse of Communism 
What awards Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han Moon have received?
Archbishop Milingois now the head of the advocacy group Married Priests Now, which is pressing the Vatican to accept the option of marriage for ordained Catholic priests. 

He, together with many other world renown religious leaders, was among the thousands of mourners and foreign dignitaries who have traveled to this rural South Korean retreat to attend Saturday’s “seonghwa,” or ascension ceremony, for Rev. Moon, who died from complications of pneumonia Sept. 2 at the age of 92.

The Catholic prelate praised the Korean spiritual leader for what he said was Rev. Moon’s understanding of the centrality of marriage in human life and his sympathy for those facing persecution for their beliefs.

“Reverend Moon always persevered in his belief in the unity of all religions, even when other people wanted to raise up the flag of their own religion against all others,” Archbishop Milingo said, his South Korean wife, Maria, sitting nearby. “Without a doubt, he understood the will of God that His people should be one.”

The prelate said he was totally convinced of the reality of Rev. Moon’s account of his vision, as a boy of 16, of Jesus, who, believers say, charged him with a lifelong mission to establish the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

“Yes, I believe it happened; otherwise, he would not have been able to push so hard for so long as he did, especially the way you consider he suffered for his principles, if it were not true,” Archbishop Milingo said.

The prelate said he did not feel concern about the future of the Unification Church as it makes the transition to a new generation of leaders, a subject of considerable speculation as church leaders and the faithful have gathered here to bid a final goodbye to the founder. Rev. Moon’s youngest son, the Rev. Hyung-jin Moon, has been designated his father’s spiritual successor, while another son, the Rev. Kook Jin Moon, will oversee the extensive commercial interests in South Korea and around the world linked to the church.

“If God is truly with the Unification Church, He will allow new leaders to be drawn out. There will be those who stand firm to carry out the mission of Rev. Moon,” he said.
Archbishop Milingo: Rev. Moon Sun Myung Moon Milingo Archbishop Wedding Moon 
Read more: Milingo: Rev. Moon's legacy is in religious unity - Washington Times 

Sun Myung Moon resting after 80 years investing for God's liberation
Rev. Moon's Cosmic Assembly World Tour
Jewish Rabbi proclaims Rev. Moon as The Messiah 

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Moon's Mass Marriages: The Gift of Love

Moon's Mass Marriages: The Gift of Love

Marriage is central in the unification theology which emphasizes family values, and which teaches that only the married can achieve ultimate salvation and only through ideal families we can build an ideal world.
Sect of Moon's Mass Marriages, mass weddings, cult weddings: The marriage of Love
The utmost purpose of life is to be born in love, raised up in love, and to bequeath love to the future generations. The purpose of marriage is to perfect the love of man and woman.

Man is born to meet a woman and woman is born to meet man. Togather they are born to unite with the higher level of God's love. Neither man nor woman can touch God's full love alone. Each of them is just a half person. They reach completion when they unite in love. They complete each other.

We all yearn for true and lasting love; for object of our hearts that we can trust, love, share, understand each other deeper than with anyone else in the universe. We want someone who can understand us, support us even in the most difficult moments.

A mass wedding in 2005
The church sees marriage as an essential part of life
These are some of the basic underlining ideals behind the International Holy Blessing of Marriage carried by the Korean religious leader, Sun Myung Moon. And in the last 50 years he had Blessed hundreds of millions of couples in marriage.

Some of the caples participating in the mass marriages were matched directly by Rev. Moon. It was from early age that he had the spiritual ability to see the past, present and the future of the matched partners. This probably is one of the reasons why his international, interfaith, interracial matchings are so succesful.
Sect of Moon's Mass Marriages, mass weddings, cult weddings: The marriage of Love

2012 - 120324 - Blessing Ceremony 21 min from European Office
Sect of Moon's Mass Marriages, mass weddings, cult weddings: The marriage of Love
Marriage is not for yourself (a selfish thing), but for your parnter, for your children and for the society. Our standard of love, harmony and understanding as parners transmits to our children and to the world. Social problems steam from families without love, or false, materialistic love. Consequently all social problems, all world problems can be solved by estublishing the culture of loving true families. This is precisely the ideal behind the International Mass Marriages carried by the Rev. Dr. Moon.

Personal stories
Sect of Moon's Mass Marriages, mass weddings, cult weddings: The marriage of Love
My matching was a picture matching, shares Tossa Cromwell, participant of the four hundred million couples Blesseing in 2000. I sent my picture. There was no specific person that I was hoping to be Blessed to. I felt that I should keep my mind open for whomever God decided.

I received the picture in the mail. When I opened it, my first reaction was, "She is beautiful". At that time I didn't know that God was planning to give me lots and lots of love through her and that she would open my heart in many ways. She was so beautiful.. What I would find out later is that she was perfect match for me.
Sect of Moon's Mass Marriages, mass weddings, cult weddings: The marriage of Love
4 years of hope promo V1 from Family Fed USA

The Washington Post has a fascinating story about the children of divinely matched members of the Unification Church (also known as the Moonies, which may be a slur).

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World Interfaith Harmony Week - the Universal Peace Federation

UN General Assembly President Hosts World Interfaith Harmony Week in New York

Original source:

High-level representatives of the United Nations Secretariat, Member States, religious leaders, and the United Nations NGO community, including the Universal Peace Federation, attended the World Interfaith Harmony Week in New York.

World Interfaith Harmony Week

The first week of February every year has been designated World Interfaith Harmony Week by the United Nations General Assembly, with the theme "Love of God and Love of the Neighbor" / "Love of the Good and Love of the Neighbor."

The Children’s Theater Company
The Children’s Theater Company
Hanifa Mezoui (Office of the President of the General Assembly) and Thomas Walsh (UPF)
Hanifa Mezoui (Office of the President of the General Assembly) and Thomas Walsh (UPF)

“Faith can be a strong ally of the United Nations,” said Katherine Marshall of the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace, and World Affairs at Georgetown University, USA. “Although the United Nations is not a faith institution, it is nevertheless a product of all the world’s faiths and the universal human longing for peace.”

“We all need to update our mentality to meet the challenges of our time,” said Ven. Dr. Chung Ohun Lee, Won Buddhism International. “Interreligious understanding and cooperation may be the most effective instrument for world peace because religions are a vital agent for change." She referred to the Buddhist understanding that everyone and everything are interconnected. "Interfaith dialogue may help everyone to see the ties that connect us all.”

Rev. Michael Beckwith, who leads the Agape International Spiritual Center, a California megachurch, quoted from Hans Kung, saying “There will be no peace in the world without peace among religions; there will be no peace among religions without dialogue among religions.” Yet there are different levels of peace, he said. At its worst, peace is based on exclusivity and separation. “Peace at its best is meeting at the center of our being,” he said. “Science makes the world a neighborhood; but religion makes a brotherhood and sisterhood.”

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Rev. Moon Helped to Make Me a Better Human Being

Rev. Moon, Sun Myung Moon, Helped to Make Me a Better Human Being

Rev. Moon Helped to Make Me a Better Human Being 


Dr. Morton A. Kaplan
Distinguished Service Professor in Political Science, Emeritus, The University of Chicago

"I know who the real Reverend Moon is..."

Reverend Moon’s greatest contribution to peace lies not in any specific thing he has done but in the heart that has guided his activities. I have been intimately connected with some of his activities for more than twenty-five years: The International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences, the Professors World Peace Academy, and the World and I. Initially I was attracted by the character of the activity and the quality of the participants. However, I had initial doubts stemming from the stories about Reverend Moon that were widely circulated but that I learned were false.

Because of my association with those closest to Reverend Moon and through my own interchanges with him, I know who the real Reverend Moon is. He is a man with an immense heart, a heart with room to love all human beings, a heart big enough to love sinners who injure him. It is this great heart that drives him 21 hours each day to build activities for a better world. It is this heart that leads him to bring thinkers from all the disciplines and arts into great collegial enterprises. It is this heart that inspired him, because of the need to support an anti-communist policy, to build a great newspaper in a city, Washington D.C., that many thought could support only one newspaper. And it is this same heart that turned him into a partisan of the new Russia that emerged from the ashes of the old while most anti-communists were unable to distinguish between communists and Russians.

Rev Moon predicted The Fall of Communism
Reverend Moon's understanding that the future of Russia was central to world peace became manifest at the first international conference of PWPA in Korea in 1983. When I proposed a conference on "The Fall of the Soviet Union," he was enthusiastic. 
Rev. Moon's Key Role in the Collapse of Communism
What awards Sun Myung Moon and Hak Ja Han Moon have received?
Rabbi proclaims Rev Moon as The Messiah
When he then made a public prediction that the Soviet system would collapse in five years, even I was astounded. He then funded munificently the conference that was held in Geneva in 1985 in the absence of which we could not have charted the reasons for the coming downfall and the importance of responding positively to the new Russia. 
When many invitees refused to attend because of the title, Reverend Moon was steadfast in urging that the title be retained. At the same time Reverend Moon supported a smaller conference in 1985 in which I proposed the withdrawal of the Soviet Union from Eastern Europe and to which the Soviet Union sent an official representative despite the claims of both liberals and conservatives that it would not. This likely played a role in freeing Eastern Europe. Again, this could not have been done without Reverend Moon's support and inspiration.

Peace Magazine  
When Reverend Moon proposed The World & I while in Danbury prison, I saw the magnificence of the ambition but doubted the practicality of the enterprise. A magazine that would cover every aspect of human activity, that would be educational, and that would explore the implications of morality was too grand a goal. When the first issue was put together, there was no backlog of articles and the issue was no better than acceptable intellectually. I felt that if we had a monthly schedule, even this limited quality would decline. Therefore, I asked Mr. Joo to go to Korea to tell Reverend Moon that we had to cut back to a bimonthly or, even better, a quarterly. Mr. Joo returned with a message from Reverend Moon: “Tell Mr. Kaplan that he does not have enough faith.” What happened afterwards was not a genuine miracle, but it came close. The magazine became better and better, month after month. Those who read it often call it the best magazine they have ever read. With the accompanying Teachers' Guide, it is used in thousands of schools to compensate for the inferior educational materials available to students. It is also now on the Internet where all articles going back to its origins in 1986 may be accessed. And teachers are beginning to collect its articles into books that will be used as texts.

A Great Man
Reverend Moon’s heart has produced conferences and organizations of religious leaders from all the major and legitimate faiths of mankind, despite the tensions that exist among them. I have serious personal doubts about the direct contributions most religious leaders will make to peace. But I do not doubt—especially at a time when the hate-filled pseudo-religions of people such as Osama bin Laden do so much damage—that bringing religious leaders together into common endeavors is an important step toward peace, for only when religious leaders help to inspire their followers and congregations to work toward a better and more just world will we reduce the violence and misery that characterize our present world. When I was chairman of ICUS for the first time, peace was in the title on the conference. At that time, almost all peace research that was available from scholars would have made peace less likely. I put together an excellent conference that ignored topics on peace. Reverend Moon looked at the tiles in the papers, noted the absence of papers on peace, asked me if that was right, then appointed me chairman of the next conference. Only a great man with a great heart could have called my failure so gently to my attention, for I could have organized good papers on the subject. That great man helped to make me a better human being.

Associated Press Report: Reverend Moon Turns 90 Years Old

Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s life work: 144 essays

Sun Myung Moon: New Era of Peace will Shine in 2012

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