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Moon's Mass Marriages: The Gift of Love

Moon's Mass Marriages: The Gift of Love

Marriage is central in the unification theology which emphasizes family values, and which teaches that only the married can achieve ultimate salvation and only through ideal families we can build an ideal world.
Sect of Moon's Mass Marriages, mass weddings, cult weddings: The marriage of Love
The utmost purpose of life is to be born in love, raised up in love, and to bequeath love to the future generations. The purpose of marriage is to perfect the love of man and woman.

Man is born to meet a woman and woman is born to meet man. Togather they are born to unite with the higher level of God's love. Neither man nor woman can touch God's full love alone. Each of them is just a half person. They reach completion when they unite in love. They complete each other.

We all yearn for true and lasting love; for object of our hearts that we can trust, love, share, understand each other deeper than with anyone else in the universe. We want someone who can understand us, support us even in the most difficult moments.

A mass wedding in 2005
The church sees marriage as an essential part of life
These are some of the basic underlining ideals behind the International Holy Blessing of Marriage carried by the Korean religious leader, Sun Myung Moon. And in the last 50 years he had Blessed hundreds of millions of couples in marriage.

Some of the caples participating in the mass marriages were matched directly by Rev. Moon. It was from early age that he had the spiritual ability to see the past, present and the future of the matched partners. This probably is one of the reasons why his international, interfaith, interracial matchings are so succesful.
Sect of Moon's Mass Marriages, mass weddings, cult weddings: The marriage of Love

2012 - 120324 - Blessing Ceremony 21 min from European Office
Sect of Moon's Mass Marriages, mass weddings, cult weddings: The marriage of Love
Marriage is not for yourself (a selfish thing), but for your parnter, for your children and for the society. Our standard of love, harmony and understanding as parners transmits to our children and to the world. Social problems steam from families without love, or false, materialistic love. Consequently all social problems, all world problems can be solved by estublishing the culture of loving true families. This is precisely the ideal behind the International Mass Marriages carried by the Rev. Dr. Moon.

Personal stories
Sect of Moon's Mass Marriages, mass weddings, cult weddings: The marriage of Love
My matching was a picture matching, shares Tossa Cromwell, participant of the four hundred million couples Blesseing in 2000. I sent my picture. There was no specific person that I was hoping to be Blessed to. I felt that I should keep my mind open for whomever God decided.

I received the picture in the mail. When I opened it, my first reaction was, "She is beautiful". At that time I didn't know that God was planning to give me lots and lots of love through her and that she would open my heart in many ways. She was so beautiful.. What I would find out later is that she was perfect match for me.
Sect of Moon's Mass Marriages, mass weddings, cult weddings: The marriage of Love
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The Washington Post has a fascinating story about the children of divinely matched members of the Unification Church (also known as the Moonies, which may be a slur).

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