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Yin and Yang are not good and evil

Yin and Yang, good and evil

Yin and Yang are not good and evil. Their unity is good, their struggle is evil

Can good and evil be represented as yin and yang? If yes, then there would be no hope for everlasting peace. NO they can't. Yin and Yang complement and enter in harmonious relationship creating something new and good. When Yin and Yang are in conflict, that is evil. Therefore good can be seen as harmony between Yin & Yang and evil as disorder of the two.

There is one notable difference: the Book of Changes also sees good and evil as manifestations of yang and yin[27] where Divine Principle clearly does not agree.

Evil came when Yin & Yang stopped being in harmony, which means that the purpose changed due to human failure to follow that principle. Therefore it is human failure, not God's creation that Evil exists. One day humanity will awake and fulfill our original responsibility to perfect ourselves, living in accordance with God's principles. Then the original world of peace, harmony, goodness and prosperity for all will be realized.

When Yin & Yang stopped giving and taking together properly, the energies were blocked, or became evil and twisted, which led to unstable world. The first man and women came in disharmony, which resulted in raising bad children.

Through the generations that evil expanded; male and female struggles became the root of unhappy families and society full of social problems. History eventually was filled with wars, bloodshed, corruption and immorality. All in conflict with the harmonious principle of Yin and Yang.

In order to return to a world of harmony we need to recenter the Yin & Yang( for example uniting your mind and body on the individual level or match science and religion on the world level). All those complementary aspects have to come to unity and harmony. That's the main aim of the Unification Principle, revealed by Rev. Sun Myung Moon.

How can we recenter them? By re-connecting to the center of the Universe, The Ultimate Cause - God. We then get one point around which will rotate Yin & Yang and everything, an origin point. And that can be represented by God ( or whatever you decide to call Him).

We need an absolute standard to create a world of peace, a world of united Yin & Yang.

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At first sight at least, they are not very helpful, as they maintain some of the ambiguity of traditional yin yang philosophy. When good memory, pleasantness, and joy (yang) are compared to forgetfulness, unpleasantness, and sorrow (yin), the impression that the two also have something to do with good and evil is maintained, even if that is not the desired outcome. In particular, analogies involving light and darkness, as in the original sunny and shady side of the hill, carry a feeling of imbalance between the two, though everyone knows that night is as inevitable and necessary as daytime.

For example:
Can we call the plus on the battery good, while the minus evil? No! When they unite, create circle it is good and the electricity can flow freely. Same is in the human body. When yin and yang energy does flow we are good and healthy, but when they are in dis-balance we become sick. The principle is identical in the family. Husband and wife love and support each other, it is good. If they fight it is evil, and the children will grow with evil hearts and conscience.

Therefore to create a world of goodness we need individuals with united mind and body; we need families of harmonious husband and wife love. Then the ideal world will be immanent.

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1 Respones to "Yin and Yang are not good and evil"

Anonymous said...

That was a great article. Thank you for posting. The Yin and Yang is my favorite example of duality, and it is very inspiring to me. I know that many kinds of opposites can symbolize the yin and yang. However good and evil is not one of them. It doesn't make any sense. When I learned about that duality, I got confused about it. So thank you for clearing that up. You have confirmed what I thought about the Yin and Yang.

I have seen Star Wars videos that compare the two sides of the force to the yin and yang. It is really iffy at best. The dark side and light side on their own is an obvious symbol of yin and yang respectfully. However there is also a stereotypical mix of good and evil. The good guys are on the light side of the force, while the bad guys are on the dark side of the force. There is a way to bring balance to the force, but it also allows the bad guys to get away with atrocities. It is beyond confusing. Now I see the two sides of the Force doesn't work exactly like the yin and the yang. In my own fictional story world, the forces of dark and light are a lot more similar to yin and yang. There is a deconstruction of the good and evil stereotype. If someone makes this misconception, it would be amusing to be like Han Solo and say, "That is not how the Tao works."

January 26, 2018 at 7:14 PM

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