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Is Rev. Sun Myung Moon the Messiah?

Is Rev. Sun Myung Moon the Messiah? Millions believe Rev. Moon is the Second Coming
Is Rev. Sun Myung Moon the Messiah, or shall we look for another?

By Rev. Y.UTS

"For a child will be born in the East"

From Jesus' words in the Bible, we know that at the Second Coming Christ will be born on the earth. That will happen in an Eastern-Oriental country, as predicted in Revelation 12:5. His birth will happen soon after the appearance of the Red Dragon (the Red Communism, 1917). He is coming with 'A New Name', which Bible says, is 'The Word of God' (Moon in Korean).

Is Rev. Moon the one, or shall we look for another?

It's a fact: Millions, through their own experience, accept Rev. Moon as the Messiah, the promised King of Peace. Through studying his life they came to believe that he is the one, who will lead the world towards God's original ideal. We don't talk only about his followers; numerous prominent politicians, religions leaders and scientists are convinced Rev. Sun Myung Moon is the promised Peacemaker and Messiah. If you didn't know that, read, 
Rev. Sun Myung Moon’s life work: 144 essays

Jesus called him for that mission as a child

He was a small boy, when Jesus appeared to him and gave him this mission. Of course, proclaiming this brought him only persecution and misunderstanding. But he had no choice - Jesus himself called him at the age of 15. Can anyone be called a true Christian, if he openly goes against the will of Jesus. Reverend Moon begun to communicate with God and Jesus at his early age. He was 15 years old when Jesus Himself appeared to him and repeatedly urged the young Korean boy to accept this mission and lead the realization of God's will on earth. Read, 
Revelations concerning the Second Coming of Christ

Jesus promised he will give his Messianic mission to another

Revelation 2:26-28 shows that another sinless person, as Jesus, will appear ("having deeds pure as His"). Jesus himself will give him the same mission ("as I received from my Father"), which is the Messianic mission ("to rule all nations with an iron staff"). That means to be the "anointed one" as a "King of Kings", meaning Christ, Messiah ruling with righteousness.

Today, personal testimonies, spiritual experiences and direct encounters with Rev. Moon's work and teachings, convince Christians, Ministers and people of all faith, that Sun Myung Moon is indeed the Messiah - the expected Lord of the Second Advent.

Archbishop George Augustus Stallings Jr.
Proclaims Rev Moon as The Messiah

"When you understand the fruits, you'll understand the man. By his fruits you will know him, and I've come to know that his identity is clear." - Archbishop G. A. Stallings Jr

JESUS CHRIST: A Shocking Message from Spirit World

We live in the time of the Second Coming! Video named - The Second Coming | Revelation 17 Reveals It is Only a Few Years Away! But it is mistaken. He had come already.

The Second Coming has happened in 1920, when the Lord of the Second Coming was born in the East. A year before that there was revelation and many signs of his birth. When he grow it was obvious that he is a different type of child. He could see the destiny of the people; their past, present and future - so he could foretell which marriage will work, which not.

At the age of 15 he was speaking freely with God and Jesus in the spirit world. He could communicate with all the saint of the spirit world and uncover all the Heavenly secrets, hidden for ages. Thus he could open the new Golden Age, but those prepared with numerous revelations about his Coming, had failed him.

Revelations among Buddhists about the Second Coming

So by the age of 30 he started building his own foundation to bring God's peace on the Earth. Jesus had appeared to many world religious leaders, giving them revelations that strange and persecuted man from the Oriental East is the Messiah and the Second Coming. Many of them failed, but still thousands are today proclaiming that this Messiah is non other, then the Rev. Sun Myung Moon of Korea.

We will recognize him by his fruits

In less than 50 years he created a worldwide net of organizations for peace able to transform any area of human life, that will bring a spiritual revolution of Heart and Conscience. According to the Institute for Studying the New Religions the Unification Church, founded by Rev. Moon is the "Most successful religion of the 20-th century".

God is definitely working through him: Dr. Sun Myung Moon is known for his key role in the fall of Communism. President Reagan personally said, "We had the desire but without Rev. Moon we would never have stopped communism." If Rev. Moon had not established the Washington Times in 1982, many more problems would have occurred in the Western world.

Rev. Sun Myung Moon: The Most Successful New Religion

Nostradamus connected the new messianic figure with the name "Moon"

Nostradamus used directly the name "Moon" to depict the new Messianic figure coming to bring lasting Peace in our age.

The Peacemaker, which in the words of the prophet is a new religious leader, born in the Oriental East, carrying the New Truth, will work to unite religions against the Red Communism and blesses big numbers of families wherever he goes. His name will be "Moon" (Meaning in Korean "The Word of God"), and he will be persecuted, thrown in jail and misunderstood before humanity accepts him.

Nostradamus and Vanga Predict About Moon

Is Rev. Sun Myung Moon the Messiah? Millions believe Rev. Moon is the Second Coming

Other Prophecies

Korean Prophesies

(1000 years old): From the beginning of the twenty-first century, trends of thinking throughout the world will drastically change. Many natural calamities are going to change the world. Yet, the real change will happen in the conscience and spirituality of humanity through the guidance of the true man - Messianic figure born in Korea, from the clan of Moon. Read...

"He will come and unify the world (2000 to 2025)... he will accomplish the will of God"... "He will suffer and shed tears of blood... and reach out to the four corners of the world. He will unite Confucianism, Buddhism and Christianity"... "People blinded by gold, it would be difficult to renounce temptations. Look for a secret message in South Korea - it is all hidden, "but" stupid people can not find it."

The Bible

Bible also foretells the birth of Messianic person who will change the world. The Messiah at the Second Advent will be born in the East. Jesus will personally give him the mission to save the world. Yet, He will be first rejected and persecuted by this generation. Read...

Spiritual Drawings

Image of the Messiah received through revelations also depict Rev. Moon as the Messiah for the Buddhist world. Following an illumination experience with God, Nanette gradually developed gifts of the Spirit (clairvoyance, clairaudience, and clairsentience). Nanettle Crist Johnson through her spiritual vision received how the Messiah looks like. She has no connection with the Unification Church. She saw spiritually the coming Buddha who will teach humanity by True Love in the family and will open the way for the Golden Age. Read...Spiritual drawing: Maitreya Buddha is coming today

Vanga predicted:
Mayan Calendar:
2012 and The Golden Age

Is Rev. Sun Myung Moon the Messiah? Millions believe Rev. Moon is the Second Coming

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1 Respones to "Is Rev. Sun Myung Moon the Messiah?"

Anonymous said...

i do believe that rev. SUN MYUNG MOON is the TRUE MESSIAH. i knew him through the guidance of the Holy Spirit. nobody witnessed for him, but i knew him through his teachings which i coincidentally found in our home. only in his teachings i found the answers to life. no one can give me satisfactory answers to my questions. so, i asked God to help me find those answers. and God did through the Divine Principle.
these people who accused rev MOOn as a false Messiah are blinded by their own sins. they see the speck of dust in the eyes of others not minding that their eyes are full of dirt. as it is said, "these evil world can never be hospitable to the purity of Christ".

September 14, 2015 at 10:13 PM

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