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Rabbi proclaims Rev Moon as The Messiah

Rabbi Mordecai Waldman:
Proclaims Rev Moon as The Messiah

By Y. Marianov | Rev. Moon | Values | Prophecies ..

Recently even Archbishop George Augustus Stallings Jr. proclaimed Rev. Moon as The Messiah. He and Rabbi Mordecai Waldman are only few of the hundreds of world know religious and political leaders testifying of Rev. Moon as the Messiah.

As the founder of the Unification Church, Rev. Sun Myung Moon has started a new world religion with its roots in Korea, and is a spiritual leader who has the respect of the entire world as a result of his efforts to build world peace. Born in 1920 in Jeongju , South Pyeongan Province, he received a revelation from Jesus on Easter morning when he was 16 years old, calling him to work for the salvation of mankind, after which he earnestly sought God's guidance in prayer and meditation.

Nostradamus Prophecies on Rev Moon

John Hogue, in researching and interpreting these sixty or so quatrains that pertain to this incredible man who will usher in this new millennium of peace. He names Rev. Sun Myung Moon as one of the ten candidates in his grid. He goes through the eight clues that Nostradamus gives as to who the Messiah might be. Presently only Rev. Moon is still alive, so he is the only one fulfilling all prophesies exactly.

1. Moon has the name "Moon" used by Nostradamus concerning the Messianic Figure who is to bring Peace

2. Moon is the only person who fulfils the prophecy of Nostradamus, that "He will unite religions against the Red (Communism)"

Sun Myung Moon Unites Abrahamic Religion

Reverend Moon founder of Unificationism, unites Christians, Muslims and Jews through inter-religious dialogue and reconciliation. The Middle East Peace Initiative of the Universal Peace Federation is rooted in the theological and philosophy of peace of Rev Sun Myung Moon. It brings effort for peace working together "Heart to Heart".

3. Rev. Moon played key role in ending Communism, as Nostradamus prophesied

4. Moon is definitely the only person who Blesses many families wherever he goes, as Nostradamus predicted. 400 million couples had already received his Blessings.

5. Moon is born in the Orient-East, as Nostradamus foretold in his prophecy

6. Moon brings a new truth, predicted Nostradamus

7. Rev. Moon is persecuted and thrown to jail as Nostradamus predicted

Moon Sun Myung: The most successful religion
Moon's Mass Weddings: The Power of True Love
The Temple for World Peace and Unity

Is Rev. Sun Myung Moon the Messiah?

Millions believe Rev. Moon is the Second Coming. Is Rev. Sun Myung Moon the one? "For a child will be born in the East"From the words of Jesus in the Bible we know that the Second Coming, Christ will be born on the earth. That will happen in an Eastern-Oriental country, as predicted in Revelation...

Sun Myung Moon: New Era of Peace will Shine in 2012

Throughout their lives, Rev. and Mrs. Moon have established many international organizations and institutions to promote world peace. They invested unreservedly in many fields including interreligious cooperation, projects to benefit society, intercultural activities,...

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